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Loud Mountain Trading Co.

Loud Mountain Coffee

Loud Mountain Coffee

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🌲FRESH Roasted Coffee ☕️ Y’all!! This is THE best coffee I’ve ever had in my life! It’s so delicious that I do not even add any creamer. Freshly roasted RIGHT HERE IN CEMENT OKLAHOMA!! 10 flavors to choose from. Not local? No worries, WE SHIP!

☕️ Colombia - {Smooth with a BlackBerry Finish}
☕️ Golden Espresso - {Sweet Macadamia Nut, Kiwi, Apricot Finish}
☕️Costa Rica - {Currant Wine, Blackberry, Caramel and Hazelnut}
☕️Yiragacheffe - {Juicy, Fruity (blueberry, lemon) very clean and bright}
☕️Sulawesi - {Great body, Chocolate/Spice Tones, Slight Berry}
☕️Papua New Guinea - {Milk Chocolate, Mild Orange, and Brown Sugar}
☕️ Indian Mo (DECAF) - { }
☕️ Mexico MWP (DECAF) - {Nutty, Sweet, Floral}
☕️Columbia MWP (DECAF) - {Chocolate & Nutty}
☕️ Holiday Blend (SEASONAL)- {Sweet Pecan, BlackBerry, Honey, Spices Apple}

Personal Note:You will not regret purchasing this coffee! It will last a long while too! I add the grounds to a easy. #MadeInOklahomA


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